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Webinar: Moms Running for Office with Vote Mama

Influencing Policy and Finding Your Political Voice:
 Vote Mama is the first organization dedicated to electing moms up and down the ballot and across the country--because when we elect moms, we pass policies that support women and working families. Vote Mama believes that lived experience matters, and that success can be best measured not by the number of moms who win their elections, but also by the normalization of moms and young women in positions of leadership and power. Our kids need to see that running for office is just what mamas do. This conversation with Vote Mama Founder and CEO, Liuba Grechen Shirley, will give moms, parents, and other caregivers educational and empowering resources on how to get civically engaged and be advocates in their communities. From school boards to congressional offices and every step of the civic engagement process, Vote Mama can help support moms and diverse individuals by mentoring, funding, and trainings empower individuals to participate in advocacy at all levels. We will also discuss current legislation including AB117, Universal Childcare, Campaign Funds for Childcare, Paid Family Leave, and more.


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