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Doulas: Care Providers for Pregnancy and After Birth

Navigating a pregnancy can be overwhelming, but you can find support every step of the way. Expert doulas, covered by your benefits, can make the birth experience easier, healthier, and more empowering. 

What is a doula?

A doula is primarily there for the birthing parent - for emotional, physical and informational support. Doulas can also help birth partners support the birthing person during the pregnancy and birth. 

  • There are two types of doulas. 
    • Birth doulas support and coach families throughout the pregnancy and through labor. 
    • Postpartum (after birth) doulas provide expertise for parents when they arrive home with their new baby.

Why are doulas important?

Doulas can provide you with a more positive pregnancy and birth experience. Research shows that working with a doula improves the health of the birthing person during and after pregnancy. 

And it makes sense why: 

  • Doulas are supportive. They can explain everything you need to know about a pregnancy, from prenatal to postpartum
  • Doulas are there for you. They can talk through any issues, concerns, and questions you’ll have. They can even attend doctor’s appointments with you.
  • Doulas are empowering. They will help you make decisions about your body and your baby that are right for you. 
  • Doulas are reassuring. They will help you create a birth plan and ensure that your needs and wishes are being followed.
  • Doulas are partners. They’re there for you at each phase of the birth experience. Doulas provide support during labor, including:
    • Nurses and doctors turnover for shifts but your doula will stay by your side through it all
    • Doulas can also interpret for families whose primary language isn’t English
    • Being present with you during labor
    • Advocating for your birth plan, needs, and wishes
    • Communicating with the medical team and keeping you in the loop
    • Providing a calming environment by doing things like playing a soothing playlist and bringing cozy blankets.

The data backs it up. Families who use a doula have: 

How can I get a doula? 

  • Use your company benefits 
  • Helpr’s Core Care team helps you find a certified doula who is a great match for your family